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AdBlue station for commercial use

We sell automatic AdBlue dispensers for commercial use to be installed at petrol filling stations or sold to contractual customers. The range of volumes of AdBlue filling columns starts with 4000 litres. The dispensers are supplied after calibration and comply with all the requirements to the storage and distribution of the AdBlue fluid.

AdBlue station Flexoil

Overall dimensions of the fuelling station


  • equipped with a ventilation and heating system to prevent AdBlue from freezing in winter;
  • two-layer shells; leak detection system and overfill protection;
  • the tanks are made of high-quality polyethylene, are resistant to UV radiation, frost and heat, and retain their shape for many years;
  • enclosed dispenser casing for the protection from mechanical damage, extreme weather conditions and unauthorised access;
  • a system of magnetic keys for the monitoring of AdBlue consumption by your own vehicles of for selling it to third parties.