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About us

Premium Kaubandus OÜ was founded in 2007. At the moment we represent AB Achema, the only officially licensed plant in the Baltic States that manufactures AdBlue. The AdBlue® name is a registered trademark of the AUS-32 aqueous urea solution held by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA).
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AdBlue solution

When AdBlue is used, engine operation is optimised, the emission of particles is reduced, and fuel energy is maximised. Another important result of the process is the average reduction of fuel consumption by 5%. Moreover, another opportunity to cut down expenses will arise because lower road taxes apply to trucks that use AdBlue on the roads of the EU.
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AdBlue equipment

Cooperation with large-scale end consumers that order the product in 200 litre vats and 1000 IBC containers resulted in the necessity of selling equipment for the safe and fast refilling of vehicle tanks with AdBlue. We would like to remind you that we strongly recommend using only certified equipment to prevent AdBlue contamination with dust, impurities and other chemical contaminants.
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