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Marine urea or AUS-40

Whether you’re navigating open seas or inland waterways, trust Premium Kaubandus OÜ to provide reliable AUS-40 solutions that keep your vessels running smoothly.

Marine urea: a 40% urea solution for marine vessels

Our range of Marine urea or AUS-40 solutions are specifically formulated to meet the rigorous requirements of marine engines. Developed in collaboration with industry experts and manufactured to the highest standards, our AUS-40 products ensure compliance with environmental regulations while maximizing engine efficiency.

In order for vessels with large diesel engines to comply with CO2 emission regulations, the ships that are being built today are equipped with modernised SCR systems to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx). These systems require a 40% urea solution to function properly and reduce the NOx content. During the process, toxic gases are reduced into harmless water and nitrogen.

Premium Kaubandus supplies AUS-40 in accordance with the requirements established by the manufacturers of SCR systems for marine vessels. Urea solution is a colourless liquid with a faint smell, and it is harmless for people and animals, non-toxic and non-combustible.

We deliver the solution by trucks or in 1000 litre IBC containers, depending on the customer’s requirements.


AUS-40 Safety Data Sheet

AUS-40 product specification