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About us


Premium Kaubandus OÜ was founded in 2007. The company’s core operations are related to selling AdBlue exhaust fluid in Estonia at a competitive price. At the moment we represent AB Achema, the only officially licensed plant in the Baltic States that manufactures AdBlue. In 2007, our company was granted an official permit to use the AdBlue trademark. To ensure prompt deliveries of AdBlue to our customers, we only cooperate with reliable warehousing and transportation partners and have tank trucks at our disposal. It is due to the above that we could reduce the maximum period of AdBlue deliveries in Estonia to 24 hours from the moment the order is placed.

Apart from selling AdBlue, Premium Kaubandus OÜ is an Estonian manufacturer of high-quality chemical products. We specialise in packaging windshield washer fluid into containers and exporting it to Nordic countries. For the needs of retail consumers, we manufacture car care products in bright attractive packaging and household chemical goods.


High requirements to quality, effectiveness and usability are the guiding light for our company in all its production and sales processes whether they are related to products meant for industrial use or retail consumers.

Our main product range includes the following: AdBlue and AUS-40 solutions, detergents, distilled water, glycols, windshield washer fluid, accessories, and pumping equipment for refilling AdBlue tanks.

Key figures

Premium Kaubandus OÜ is improving its sales performance year after year. As the largest AdBlue supplier in Estonia, in a year we import and sell ca. 15000 m³ of the fluid.